3D is less cool then i thought

Another thing i don’t understand is this 3D hype. All those movies in 3D, i mean with this pair of glaces i just looks stupid. I mean not the movie, but everybody who waeres them – beside maybe Ray Charles and James Dean. And then look at the movies, are they better then the others? Nope! Most of them are rubbish, not even worth the extra money you hae to spent for this plastic waste of eyeglaces. Yes, and imagine those huge pile of rubbish what those used glaces most produce. It most be enormous. How many people saw Avatar in 3D? 10 million, 50 million? I don’t know, i am just a sall cat, but the trash produced by that movie with the strange blue two legs must be incredible much, too much for my still small brain.

Staring at the stairs

So, here is the thing, i don’t understand the stairs thing. The two-legs have those stairs to walk up or down to another floor, but i don’t get it, why don’t they just jump? I mean, i could jump about 2-3 meters without any issue and they are much larger then i am and they use those mini-stairs? That is just ridicolous. I don’t get it, they probably could just jump up on the roof of the house, just like that, but instead they use those very small stairs. Funny but complicated creatures those two-legs.